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Ultimate Destiny Network is a cause-oriented company that published the electronic and printed editions of Introduction to Structured Water with Clayton Nolte: Overview of the Health Benefits, Cost Savings and Environmental Advantages of Structured Water.  We also manage an international team of affiliates and distributors because we believe that a network of advocates who share our mission and dedication to help others benefit from the advantages of these structured water devices from Natural Action Technologies is the best way for us to reach and serve as many people as possible.

We are happy to invite anyone who has purchased at least 1 Natural Action Technologies Structured Water Unit and who is interested in the benefits and advantages of structured water to join our free affiliate program. The Affiliate Program is a two-tier system. It initially pays a 10% affiliate commission to the affiliate who generates a sale and a 5% commission to an affiliate who signed up an Affiliate who makes a sale.

Our advanced marketing program enables our affiliates to advance to distributor status and earn up to 45% to 50% on the sale of any of the structured water units (the wholesale pricing from Natural Action Technologies is only 45% on some units including the new Shower units, Garden and Under the Sink Units). For example, a 20% discount is available when an affiliate has purchased (or sold) a cumulative wholesale total of $2,000 or more of any combination of the units.

At that point, we consider the affiliate to be a distributor and your percentages steadily increase as cumulative total increases and provides the 45-50% discount when you reach a total of $5,000 or more in cumulative wholesale sales. For anyone who is seriously interested in maximizing the commissions you earn, we provide an accelerated income stream and 45-50% discount when you make an advance purchase of $5,000 or more wholesale.

We provide all of our Affiliates and Distributors marketing materials at our cost plus shipping. That includes fliers, business cards, postcards, car door magnets, and copies of the copies of the printed edition of the Introduction to Structured Water at our cost (about $4 a copy plus postage) and sample marketing and promotional materials that you can customize with your affiliate URL.

For some of our affiliates and distributors who are interested, we create a simple web page that includes any of the programs and products available through our affiliate program. Each affiliate receives a unique URL for each of the available programs and you select which ones you want to market. Here is an example of an affiliate who wanted to market all of the programs listed including resources from HeartMath and our programs on Successful Living, etc.

Thank you again for allowing me to share this invitation for you to prosper richly as you help us introduce the benefits and advantages of Structured Water to others who also be richly blessed as a result.

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Examples of Marketing Materials We Provide for Free or At Our Cost:

  • Free Domain name
  • Fliers (that can be customized)
  • Postcards (that can be customized)
  • ​Business cards (that can be customized)
  • Car door magnets (that can be customized)
  • Copies of the paperback book, Introduction to Structured Water with Clayton Nolte (that can be customized)
  • ​Free coaching, consulting, joint venture opportunities (for example when they help us find a potential high volume customer we may provide demonstration units at or cost or sometimes even free).
  • For samples of the business cards and postcards - Click Here
  • For an example of a flier you can customize with your information - Click Here

For further information on how you can earn 10% up to 50% referral commissions helping others discover and enjoy the ABC's (Advantages, Benefits and Cost-Savings) of Naturally Balanced Structured Water, please contact Charles Betterton at:

Natural Structured Water
C/O Ultimate Destiny University​
PO Box 20072, Sedona, AZ 86341
Toll Free in USA 888-483-7538
+1 928-554-4732

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